A Dynamic Texture of Mud Spots and Smears Over a White Background; Composite This Over Your Footage or Use For Transitions to Give Your Footage A Grunge Style

February 9 - March 30

How Not To Be Tempted By Unbelief from Audra Wist on Vimeo.

Audra Wist spent six days at Home Alone, which is her former home in a residential Los Angeles neighborhood, creating a site-specific work unpacking her last year spent examining and gathering evidence for a sexual assault case. In her graphite murals, she investigates her own source of desire, fluctuating moods with regards to sex work, anger and revenge, and valuable forms of justice and fairness. Wist's drawings and paintings enacted improvisationally and directly on the walls, are both a response to her familiarity with a particular architecture and the embodiment of the shadow, or foreign 'unwanted' nature of self, within an intimate psychic environment.

She performed on the night of the opening discussing her personal experience with rape, the wider zeitgeist of MeToo/call out/cancel culture, and her uncomfort/acceptance with different variations of truth telling; she tries to embrace the mess. On the night of the closing, Wist gathered some of Los Angeles' most compelling voices including Oscar David Alvarez, Mitsuko Brooks, Nikki Darling, Kathleen Keogh, Marval A Rex, and Peter Tomka to read something 'conflicted' in the space as a revival of a curated reading series by Wist.

Audra Wist is an American-born performer, psychodramatist and writer based in New York. Her body of work is formed by her explorations in psychoanalysis, sex work, and theatre. She holds degrees in Electronic/Time-Based Media from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters degree in New Genres from UCLA in Los Angeles. She has performed and shown work at Wilding Cran (Los Angeles), High Art (Paris), 56 HENRY (New York) and The Broad (Los Angeles).