An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Sage Barlow
with poetry by sabrina soyer

June 3 - July 15, 2018

Home Alone Los Angeles is pleased to present DEAR BODY, a solo exhibition of paintings by Sage Barlow accompanied by poetry by sabrina soyer. In its most raw form and application, painting is an extension of the body and its physicality in the world. Barlow’s series of process-based, large-scale acrylic paintings were produced over the last two years since her move to Los Angeles. Influenced by the energy of southern California, Barlow utilizes an emotional chroma of pink, yellow, and blue hues, her brush forming sharp angles, flat minimal shapes, and textures built through the application of several layers of the thick, viscous, plastic material also known as “paint.” Her often non-representational compositions also borrow from the language of the natural world, the most striking being those looking down at her own body; at her pubic hair, vagina and the negative space between her legs.

Barlow’s highly personal touch, her intuitive push and pull, invites the viewer to join in her moment of discovery; magnified, amplified. Here is her fleshy paint, her painted flesh. She shares her childlike curiosity while demonstrating complete control over the medium, the body, her body— showing us this relationship between bodies— the painted body, the physical body, the body of the paint, the body of the viewer. Her paintings assert that the semiotics of paint cannot be communicated through language, but only experienced. Barlow’s work can be understood as a
love letter to the material quality of paint, and to the body, our dear bodies.

Sage Barlow lives and works in Los Angeles. A self-defined colorist and materialist, Barlow received a BS in Fine Arts from Skidmore College and will begin her MFA this fall at Art Center in Pasadena. She has exhibited in New York and San Francisco.

sabrina soyer is an artist, writer and educator living in Paris, and the author of the poem “Dear Body.” She is a co-founder of The Cheapest University, a free and experimental artist-run academy that hosts workshops and lectures throughout Europe. Soyer recently published Confus et symétriques, a chapbook of poetry exploring the genre of the epic poem.