A Dynamic Texture of Mud Spots and Smears Over a White Background; Composite This Over Your Footage or Use For Transitions to Give Your Footage A Grunge Style

February 9 - March 30 

CLOSING RECEPTION and READING, Saturday, March 30, 6-10pm

How Not To Be Tempted By Unbelief from Audra Wist on Vimeo.

All my dreams seem to be about
Fear, anxiety, not fitting in
Wanting to be a part of the group 
There was a play in my dream
that stoked real fear
A giant wooden saloon set
I watched a man sing and dance 
up and down
a muddy stretch
He flipped and dived and 
It impressed everyone.
My thought was "I wish I could do that"
I wish I could be so joyous
Flipping and singing loudly.
In another part,
The boogeyman almost got me
Was hungry
Which was a slight turn on.
When he came for me,
I said no in a girly voice and he stopped.
I felt how nice my skin felt 
when I clenched everything together.
I stared an enemy down
Didn’t resist 
And then when she tried to talk to me
I kept spitting at her
Afraid to really lash out.
Cut to
A friend in a nice house
Successful artist
And wealthy.
I missed my cousins birthday party by
a few minutes.
Either I’m late
Or in awe
Or frightened
Or jousting for pleasure.


Audra Wist will spend seven days at Home Alone, which was her former home in Los Angeles, creating a site-specific work unpacking particular events, activities and progressions of the past year. Her murals, paintings, drawings and collages, enacted improvisationally and directly on the walls, are both a response to her familiarity with a particular architecture and the embodiment of a foreign nature of self.

Audra Wist is an American-born performer, psychodramatist and writer based in New York. Her body of work is formed by her explorations in psychoanalysis, sex work, and theatre. She holds degrees in Electronic/Time-Based Media from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters degree in New Genres from UCLA in Los Angeles. She has performed and shown work at Wilding Cran (Los Angeles), High Art (Paris), 56 HENRY (New York) and The Broad (Los Angeles).

Open Saturdays 4-6 pm and by appointment